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It would seem a lot of the Dane Cook fans aren't very impressed w/ Tourgasm so far. The Gulman fans haven't spoken up... so I don't know how they feel. After two episodes, I think that it's not so bad at all. In fact, it's refreshing to see Dane Cook be a human being... he can't be Mr. Comedian all the time... although he is funny even in the most "off" moments (like the first thing he says in the morning from beneath the covers). I'm very impressed w/ how intelligent, ambassadorial and level-headed he is. He would be a good friend and it's nice to see how human... and humane... he is in real life. Granted, he knows the cameras are there... but it doesn't seem to be for show.

I've had a bit of experience of being on the road for a length of time (3 weeks on tour w/ 5 bands... no I'm not in a band, but I was traveling w/ them) and it is a bit of a rude awakening to see how petty people can be, especially away from the comforts of home and how things look behind the scenes. What may look like a tight knit group on stage every night could be literally imploding behind the scenes, w/ in-fighting, cattiness and sulking. I think Tourgasm is showing how difficult a situation like this is... and I'm actually enjoying it (partly b/c I'm not in the middle of it, heh).

I think most of us are going to agree on the fact that (at least so far) Jay Davis is a pain in the ass. And what makes matters worse, he's not funny. I'm sorry, I try to give people a chance... but no, dude. I can remember when I went to see Tourgasm (in Syracuse, woo!) that I could almost hear the crickets chirping while he was on. Not a funny guy. I had gone into that night knowing I was a fan of Gary & Dane already, and deciding that I could be a fan of Robert Kelly as well. I know Bobby can be, as they call him, an "instigator", but I think Jay can't let thinks just roll off his back. He's too damn sensitive.

I laughed my ass off when they went horse-back riding. Gary on that horse... seriously, I was crying w/ laughter. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoooooaaaaa... hey guys, maybe tomorrow we could swim w/ some surly dolpins?". Yeah, that man is hilarious. And I'm sorry, but he's the sexiest 6'6" Jew I've ever seen. With hair blessed by God. ;) And of course Dane in the shower, hell-o.

Anyway, it's not the best show... but I'm still keeping it on my DVR record list.

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